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internet and international business lawyer guaranteeHere is where you schedule your telephone call with Mike at a day and time that’s convenient for you. He will call you.

There is a professional services fee to pay for the legal advice you will receive during your session. If you are unhappy with your session for any reason, just ask for a refund during the call. Attorney Young will promptly refund your money.

Before scheduling your phone call using the online booking system below, please note that Mike focuses on Internet business transactions, including (1) buying and selling Internet companies, (2) preparing e-commerce and technology contracts, and (3) drafting website legal documents. If you want to discuss a lawsuit, copyright infringement, PayPal dispute, or Internet harassment claims, you should find a law firm that represents clients in court proceedings.

When booking your phone appointment, please note that the time is either Central Standard Time (GMT -6 hours) or Central Daylight Time (GMT -5 hours) depending upon the time of year.

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Mike knows his stuff and gives you straight answers; not a run around. He told me exactly what I needed to know; clearly and directly. I had tried to find the answers myself by asking the agencies involved and by doing my own research. Had I called Mike first, I’d have saved hours of time. Well worth his fee. – Ann P.
Very knowledgeable and helpful

I read Mike’s book and after a referral from a friend decided to book a 30 minute call with Mike. In 30 minutes, Mike has saved me tons of time in research as well as helping me define a roadmap of key next steps to take. Thank you Mike! – Shane F.
Very thorough and delivered

Very helpful! Mike is a no-nonsense person who does not waste your time. He gave us unbiased advice on several occasions and challenged us to rethink our strategy. – Celine S.
Valuable advisor!

It was a pleasure talking with Attorney Young. I will not hesitate to refer others and I intend to hire him for further legal work in the immediate future. – Chris S.
Extremely helpful!

Mike was very knowledgeable, and able to download information needed very quickly. The 30-minute session was worth every penny, and we will be seeking his counsel again. – Neil P.

It is always a pleasure to deal with Mike. He gets right to the point on the questions we need answered which is why when we have a concern, we turn it over to Mike Young. If you need online legal advice, this is where you want to be. – Jane M.
Knowledgeable and succinct!

You get what you pay for and Mike really knows what he’s doing. He listened intently to what I had to say and then suggested that he take the remaining time to go over the documents I needed him to review instead of talking about the situation more. He got me an answer that afternoon! I will definitely be using his expertise again. Thanks Mike! – Jeffrey R.
Mike always cuts right to the core of an issue

Mike was extremely helpful in advising me as I prepare my new website. In particular, Mike advised in the areas of copyright law, posting photos, and setting up links. – James M.
Excellent Advice

Mandatory Legalese…PayPal processed payments are not deposited immediately in the firm’s IOLTA trust account. However, fee advances paid by check, ACH, or bank wire are deposited in the firm’s IOLTA trust account upon receipt. The use of the Internet for communications with Mike or his law firm will not establish an attorney-client relationship and messages containing confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent. No attorney-client relationship will exist unless and until both client and an attorney have signed an agreement for professional services after appropriate interviews and conflict checks.