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Here is where you schedule your telephone appointment with Internet Lawyer Mike Young. He will call you.

There is a $250 professional services fee for the legal help Mike provides you during your phone consultation.

Before scheduling your phone call using the online booking system below, please note that Mike focuses on Internet business transactions. He does not handle criminal or civil litigation matters.

Your phone appointment time is the local time in Dallas, Texas USA. That’s either Central Standard Time (GMT -6 hours) or Central Daylight Time (GMT -5 hours) depending upon the time of year.

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Mandatory Legalese…PayPal processed payments are not deposited immediately in the business’s IOLTA trust account. However, fee advances paid by check, ACH, or bank wire are deposited in the business’s IOLTA trust account upon receipt. The use of the Internet for communications with Mike or his law firm will not establish an attorney-client relationship and messages containing confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent. No attorney-client relationship will exist unless and until both client and an attorney have signed an agreement for professional services after appropriate interviews and conflict checks.