How to Terminate a Contract Early

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Although parties often benefit by having an annual or multi-year contract that either renews automatically or gives one party the option to renew, there are many cases where an ongoing relationship is not financially beneficial. Whether it’s poor performance, market changes, or some other adverse event, you may want to…

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Phantom Equity: How To Use It To Grow Your Business

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If you’re tight on working capital or don’t want to give up partial ownership of your company by granting shares or stock options, you may want to consider using phantom equity (PE) to compensate employees and independent contractors who are essential to the growth of your business. What is Phantom…

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Non-Compete Agreement: How To Make It Legally Binding

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Although an employee non-compete agreement is disfavored as against public policy because it discourages commerce by restricting an employee’s right to work elsewhere or set up a competing business, generally such contracts have been enforceable if they’re reasonable in scope. What’s a reasonable scope for an agreement not to compete?…

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