Software Development Agreement – Who Really Owns The Intellectual Property?

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Whether you’re a developer or a client, one of the most important things to cover in your software development agreement is who owns what intellectual property (IP) rights. Surprisingly, most developers and their clients either don’t know or having conflicting views on the subject. Imagine you’re a client that’s just…

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How to Terminate a Contract Early

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Although parties often benefit by having an annual or multi-year contract that either renews automatically or gives one party the option to renew, there are many cases where an ongoing relationship is not financially beneficial. Whether it’s poor performance, market changes, or some other adverse event, you may want to…

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Licensing Your Software On Your Own Terms Through A Click-Wrap Software License Agreement

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What is a click-wrap software license agreement? A click-wrap software license agreement is one of the more common software licensing agreements that has developed and evolved in recent decades as mass produced software has entered the marketplace. Click-wrap agreements require people who buy software licenses to read and acknowledge that…

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