Are You Ready to Sell Your Internet Business?

Internet Lawyer Mike Young helps entrepreneurs sell their companies for a fair price while reducing the legal risks (including nonpayment). Here are some of the common ways that Mike can help you sell your Internet business. Determine your desired outcome Although you may have a sales price in mind, there’s a lot more that goes into selling an e-commerce company than simply transferring assets or equity in exchange for payment. For example, are you wanting to be paid a lump sum or willing to accept installments? Will you provide full or partial seller financing for the sale? Do you intend to stay on as a consultant or employee post-sale? If so, under what terms? Mike will use his experience as an Internet business attorney to help you structure a deal that’s right for what you want to achieve. Pre-sale website legal compliance review A company website that violates the law […]

What is a Legal Strategy Session?

When you’re looking for legal help for your Internet business, the best way to get it from Internet Attorney Mike Young is to set up a telephone consultation called a “Legal Strategy Session.” Should you book a Legal Strategy Session with Mike? It depends. If you want to discuss a lawsuit, copyright infringement dispute, a frozen PayPal or credit card merchant account, or Internet harassment claims, you should find a law firm that represents clients in court proceedings. If you are a crime victim, call the police. If you have been accused of a cybercrime, hire a good criminal defense attorney. Please note that Mike focuses on Internet business transactions. This means a telephone Legal Strategy Session with Mike makes sense if you: (1) are purchasing or selling an Internet company; (2) need ecommerce or technology contracts; or (3) want website legal documents (e.g. Website Privacy Policy and Terms of […]

3 Lies That Lawyers Tell Business Website Owners

Although many attorneys are honest, there are some lawyers who will shade the truth in order to convince you to become or stay a client. Here are 3 common lies some attorneys will tell you… Lie # 1 – “We can handle your Internet business contracts, prepare your will, and represent you in a personal injury lawsuit too.” As a practical matter, the law has become too complex for an attorney to be a jack-of-all-trades and still competently represent clients. Very few attorneys can do a good job representing clients in more than 2 to 3 areas of law…and these areas of law are often related. The attorney who claims to be able to handle a dozen areas of law is probably taking anything that comes in the door because he’s desperate for work. Lie #2 – “Because we are a large law firm, we understand Internet business law.” Size […]