May 28

Frankenforms: The Dangers of Internet Business Broker Legal Documents

When you’re buying or selling an Internet business, using a broker’s template documents to do so is typically a very bad idea. Why? Whether it is a letter of intent (LOI), the purchase and sale agreement, or related documents (e.g. escrow agreement, promissory note, etc.), the broker’s documents are usually garbage that don’t protect anyone.

May 20

Revenge Porn and Your Website

If you operate a website that allows visitors to upload images (even just a profile pic), you need to be aware of the risks of having revenge porn on your website. What is revenge porn? It’s when someone posts a nude, semi-nude, and/or sexually explicit photo or video online of a person without that person’s.

March 5

Internet Lawyer: 7 Keys to Picking the Right One for Your Business

The purpose of this article is to help you identify the right type of Internet lawyer to represent your online business needs. Why am I giving you this information? For two reasons… 1. If you’re not a good fit for legal representation by my Internet business law firm, I want you to quickly find another.

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