7 Keys To Picking The Right Internet Lawyer For Your Business

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7 Keys To Picking The Right Internet Lawyer For Your BusinessThe purpose of this article is to help you identify the right type of Internet lawyer to represent your online business needs.

Why am I giving you this information?

For two reasons…

1. If you’re not a good fit for legal representation by our  law firm, I want you to quickly find another attorney who can help you.

2. If you decide to become a client, I want you to know what you’re getting. No surprises.

Fair enough?

Let’s get started. Be sure to take notes so you can quickly identify what’s right for you.

1. Your Internet Lawyer’s Location

your internet law firm's locationUnfortunately, there aren’t enough attorneys practicing Internet business law on a full-time basis for most people to find one in their home town. Unless you live or work in a large city, you’re probably going to have to look elsewhere to find an attorney who really understands e-commerce law.

U.S. Website with U.S. Customers

In the United States, many online legal matters are governed by federal law instead of state or local law.

This means you can hire someone who doesn’t live near you to represent you in many Internet legal matters. In fact, there’s a good chance you may never even meet your Internet lawyer face-to-face.

If there’s a state or local legal issue that comes up (e.g. sales taxes), your Internet lawyer can help you get the right legal counsel to handle that particular issue on an as-needed basis.

Foreign Website with U.S. Customers

If your business is located outside of the United States but you have U.S. customers, you’re going to want a U.S.-based Internet lawyer to make sure you’re not violating U.S. laws when doing business with those customers.

U.S. Website with Foreign Customers

What if you’re in the United States and have foreign customers too?

You’ll want to have a U.S.-based Internet lawyer protect you here and have that lawyer work with foreign legal counsel to protect you as-needed in other countries where you do business.


When it comes to Internet-related lawsuits, you have a variety of issues to consider when finding the right legal help.

For example, if you’re suing someone in another location (another state or country), your Internet lawyer can help you determine if you need to hire another lawyer (and where) to represent your interests in the lawsuit. If you have been sued, your Internet lawyer can help you identify an attorney to represent in the court where you’ve been sued…

5 Warning Signs You’re Using The Wrong Website Legal Documents

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privacy policy website legal documentsNot all online privacy policies and other website legal documents are created equal. In fact, using the wrong documents could be as dangerous as not having the right ones on your site. Here are five of the common errors Internet business owners make when putting a privacy policy, terms of use, and other legal docs on their sites.

Error #1 – Borrowing Another Website’s Legal Documents

If you borrow another site’s privacy policy, refund policy, terms of use, DMCA notice, membership agreement or other legal document, you’re likely infringing upon the copyright of the person or entity that owns the legal documents. This means you could face a demand of up to $150,000 per infringement, attorney’s fees and court costs.

Even if the website’s owner gives you permission to use the documents, the site’s owner may not have the legal right to do so.


Many website legal documents are prepared by Internet business lawyers whose law firms own the copyrights. Site owners use the legalese under a license from the law firms rather than owning the documents.

A few years ago, an Internet lawyer contacted all of the website owners who were using his legal documents without permission. They were given a choice of paying him $5,000+ per site for a license or he would sue them for $150,000 per copyright infringement (and they would lose)…

Why Use A Barter Agreement In Your Business?

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barter agreement for bartering

A written barter agreement can help you get what you need to grow your business online and offline while at the same time protecting you from legal risks associated with doing deals.

Why Is It So Important To Have Your Barter Agreement In Writing?

As the saying goes, the palest ink is better than the sharpest memory.

Putting your barter deals in written contracts keeps you and the other party on the same page rather than creating confusion about who does what, when, and how.

Technology Creates More Opportunities For Business Bartering

Bartering isn’t just something are ancestors did. Believe it or not, technology has made it that much easier to do barter deals than our great-grandparents could every have dreamed.


Instead of being confined to a local market, you now have the ability to trade goods and services with others globally.

Whether your business needs a new smart phone or Web design work, there’s someone in the world who is ready, willing, and able to make a barter deal with you.

5 Key Barter Contract Issues

Here are some of the issues you should consider when having your Internet business attorney create the barter contract you’ll use…

1. Will you barter in your individual capacity or on behalf of your business entity?

2. Are you trading goods, services, or a combination of the two?

3. How will you use your barter agreement to reduce your legal risks if things go wrong?

4. What laws apply and how will dispute resolution occur if the other barterer becomes upset?

5. Will you do partial barter deals that involve cash, and if so, how will monetary payment occur as part of the trade?

How To Avoid Barter Contract Legal Dangers

Don’t steal someone else’s contract to use for your business.

Most of the barter contracts you find online were not created by a business lawyer but instead were pieced together by nonlawyers who didn’t know what they were doing.

In addition, using someone else’s barter contract without permission could expose you to liability for copyright infringement.

The best course of action is to invest in a customized barter agreement that reflects your online business needs.

However, if you don’t have the budget to pay a qualified business attorney to prepare your contract, one affordable alternative is to use the professional grade barter agreement template available at BarterContracts.com.

Internet Scammers Banned

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internet lawyer and scamsThere is no gray area when it comes to Internet scams. You’re either for Internet con artists or against them.

As an Internet lawyer, I believe that now is the time for clarity on this issue. Today, I am drawing a line in the sand. ..

If you are an Internet scam artist, do not contact my business about legal representation.

And just to be on the safe side, I’m pushing the line a little further in favor of ethics.

Do not contact me about legal representation if you…

  • Sell or promote make money online (MMO) products unless you can provide written proof in a form acceptable to me that your net annual income from your online business is at least $100,000 for the past three (3) years excluding income earned selling MMO products.
  • Own or represent a network marketing venture
  • Sell or promote business opportunities (biz opps) that violate the FTC Business Opportunity Rule.
  • Sell or promote alternative health products with claims that cannot be directly substantiated with reputable published peer-reviewed studies.
  • Directly or indirectly market to individuals using telephone “boiler rooms.”
  • Use religion as a means to manipulate prospects into purchasing from you.
  • If your business doesn’t fit one of the above categories, you may be eligible for legal help.

    internet ethics council membership

    However, if you become a client, you are expected to abide by the Internet Ethics Council’s (IEC) Code of Professional Responsibility whether or not you are a member of the IEC…

    Rule 1. We follow the Internet Marketing Golden Rule, that is, we treat our clients with the same courtesy and respect that we would like to receive as a client.
    Rule 2. We follow all applicable Internet and e-mail marketing laws and regulations to the best of our ability.
    Rule 3. We provide our website visitors and clients with at least two valid ways to contact us with questions or concerns.
    Rule 4. We respond to client service inquiries within two (2) business days.
    Rule 5. We use clear Privacy Policies, Terms of Use, and Returns Policies to fully explain our relationships with website visitors and clients, including the type of personal information that we collect and how that data is used by us or others.
    Rule 6. We offer at least a 30-day refund policy from date of initial purchase and honor timely refund requests within five (5) business days of receipt.
    Rule 7. We fully disclose payment and all other material terms of offers made to prospective purchasers.

    In other words, if you run an ethical business that delivers value, you’re exactly the type of person I’d like to help put into place the right Internet legal shield to protect you.

    Internet Attorney Mike Young is the Internet Squire

    How To Find An Internet Lawyer

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    find internet lawyer

    Find an Internet lawyer

    Are you looking for an Internet lawyer?

    The term “Internet lawyer” can mean many things. Before looking for an Internet attorney, you may want to consider what type of legal help you need from one.

    For example, do you need a legal professional to sue someone, to defend you in a lawsuit, to represent your online business, or to help you protect your intellectual property?

    What does an Internet lawyer do?

    An Internet lawyer often focuses on a few niches in cyber law. These include:

    • Internet business transactions (contracts, joint ventures, buying and selling web businesses)
    • Website legal protection (website privacy policies, membership agreements, etc.)
    • Defamation, spam, and privacy lawsuits
    • Intellectual property protection (copyrights, service marks, trademarks, and patents)
    • Alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration)

    When comparing Internet lawyers, you’ll want to know which of these niches you’ll need help with the most so you can make an informed decision as to who can best represent you.

    Business Attorney or Internet Lawyer

    Very few business attorneys understand Internet law. This means that you’re paying them to learn about it when you hire them to handle a legal matter.

    On the other hand, many Internet attorneys represent businesses both in their online and offline activities. When you retain a Web lawyer who focuses on e-commerce, there’s a good chance he can handle many of your business legal needs as part of the representation.

    Advantages of Hiring an eCommerce Attorney

    Unless you’re involved with a lawsuit, your Internet lawyer probably doesn’t even need to meet you in person in order to represent you. This saves you time and money.

    Instead, you will communicate with each other mostly by e-mail, telephone, and sometimes using a service like Skype.

    This means you can get an Internet attorney who practices law in a different city than where you live. In fact, there may not even be an Internet law firm in your hometown because the field is so specialized.

    Most other types of attorneys insist on meeting you face-to-face. This means you drive to an office, try to find parking, and pay for a meeting that could have taken a lot less time if you had simply talked with each other by phone.

    How To Hire A Web Attorney

    Once you have decided on the type of legal work you need done by an Internet lawyer, check out the websites of several Internet law firms to get a feel for what type of work they do and whether or not they really understand the Internet.

    Pick one that’s a good match and schedule a confidential initial Legal Strategy Session with that Internet lawyer. Unless you like to waste time and money, it makes sense for that first meeting with the Web lawyer to be held by telephone instead of at an office.