How to Set Up a Texas Business LLC or Corporation

The State of Texas has created one of the most pro-business climates in the world. For example, there’s no state personal income tax. To the extent there are other costs, they’re typically lower than most other states. In fact, Texas is one of the few states where the Governor spends a lot of time poaching businesses from other states, convincing them to relocate because of the many business opportunities available here. How does Texas’ business climate compare to other states? You know there are significant advantages for your company when half the national economic growth is in Texas and the remaining half is split between the other 49 states. For example, over 130,000 Californians have fled to Texas in the past two years seeking a place they can live and prosper, that rewards work rather than punishes it. Texas now exports more technology than California does. Whether you live in […]

Do You Know How To Find A Texas Internet Lawyer?

What is a Texas Internet Lawyer? A Texas Internet Lawyer is an ecommerce attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Texas. This attorney has a legal practice focusing on the business side of internet law and related areas. Your ideal Texas ecommerce attorney will have a strong background with internet law plus business and regulatory law, especially in the areas where the two fields overlap. Things to consider when selecting a Texas Internet Lawyer. When selecting a Texas internet attorney, you are going to want to find an attorney who has worked in the field for some time and who has a good handle on how internet law has grown and developed over time. Attorneys who have practiced ecommerce law for a while will know how the law has developed and, while assisting you with your internet law need,s will be able to rely on their knowledge to […]

The Choice Is Yours – Hiring A Texas Internet Lawyer

Your Texas Internet Lawyer Will Love Doing The Things You Hate To Do You know all that boring Internet law stuff that you’re tired of having to deal with for your online business—well a Texas Internet lawyer lives for that stuff! If you’re like most business owners, then you’ve probably had more than your share of either trying to figure out the complex world of Internet laws and how to abide by them by yourself or hiring someone who you thought was competent enough to handle it for you but later figured out probably isn’t. The good news is that there are a group of attorneys out there that are more than just competent in this evolving area of law, they relish in it. Making this choice to invest in a qualified Internet attorney for your online business could be the decision of a lifetime. Why You’re At Risk Without […]