On-Call Scheduling Of Hourly Employees: Should Employers Use It?

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Some businesses require hourly employee on-call scheduling (also known as on-call shifts) to ensure there’s just enough workers to meet labor requirements for shifts. This means employees have to put their lives on hold, calling in a couple hours before coming to work to see whether not they’re actually needed…

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Limited Liability Companies: How Many Should You Own?

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Many entrepreneurs have big plans for their startups. Unfortunately, as part of those big plans, they often want to treat a small business as if it is a large complex organization that needs multiple limited liability companies (LLCs) for asset protection and tax avoidance. Trump’s Limited Liability Companies According to…

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Phantom Equity: How To Use It To Grow Your Business

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If you’re tight on working capital or don’t want to give up partial ownership of your company by granting shares or stock options, you may want to consider using phantom equity (PE) to compensate employees and independent contractors who are essential to the growth of your business. What is Phantom…

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5 Business Consulting Agreement Essentials

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Whether you’re a consultant or looking to retain one for your business, there are some fundamental issues that must be covered your consulting agreement to ensure performance by the other party while reducing your liability exposure if something goes wrong. Here are five key areas that should be covered in…

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