Mar 22

Copyright Infringement: Beware of emails from a fake law firm

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There’s a new Internet scam being run by a fake German law firm.

Here’s how it works…

You receive an email from this nonexistent law firm that claims to represent companies whose copyrights you have infringed upon.

If you pay these scammers, the copyright infringement claim is supposed to go away.

Should you receive a demand for payment of this type, make sure you’re dealing with a real cease-and-desist demand instead of someone trying to make a quick buck at your expense.

Here’s a few ways to weed out the scammers.

1. Real law firms operating online tend to have legit websites.

2. Real law firms that issue cease-and-desist notices provide specifics about what’s happened instead of making some vague claim of infringement and demanding settlement.

3. It’s fairly easy today to check online to see if someone really is a lawyer and find alternative contact information (such as a telephone number) to find out if a cease-and-desist was really sent by that attorney.