Here are the answers to questions frequently asked Internet Lawyer Mike Young. None of the answers contain legal advice or form an attorney-client relationship with anyone at our Internet law firm. Talk with your Internet business attorney for answers to specific legal questions.

General Internet Lawyer FAQs

APPOINTMENTS – I want to talk with you about my business. What’s the first step?

Use our Internet law firm’s online booking system to schedule a confidential telephone legal strategy session with Internet Lawyer Young for a day and time that works for you.

QUOTES – Will you give me a quote for legal work I need done?

Would you ask a surgeon to quote you a fee for surgery before he actually examined you to determine what was wrong and applied his education and experience to determine what type of surgery you might need? This may seem like a silly question but we receive requests for Attorney Young to blindly quote fees for legal services without him having the chance to diagnose what the prospective client really needs.

Quotes are not given prior to a telephone legal strategy session. Why? Because Internet Attorney Young needs to know the details in order to provide you with an accurate quote based upon the complexity and time that will be involved representing you. However, you can review our Schedule of Estimated Legal Fees for some guidance.

COSTS – How much do you charge?

Professional fees vary based upon the nature and complexity of the work to be performed. As a guideline, here is a Schedule of Estimated Legal Fees so that you have an idea how much it typically costs.

FREEBIES – Will you answer my legal questions or represent me for free?

Each December, our Internet law firm selects the nonprofit charities that it will provide legal services to on a pro bono (free) basis and the organizations and events it will sponsor. If you are a nonprofit charitable institution, please apply by November 30th for consideration. Free or low cost legal representation for indigents may be available through your state or local bar association. Here is a list of some legal services organizations. If you need website legal forms (privacy policy, terms of use, etc.) and can’t afford to pay an Internet lawyer, consider getting the Website Legal Forms Generator software. Our law firm created the website legal document templates used in the software.

LOCATION – Can you represent me in Internet business legal matters even if I am not based in Texas?

Many clients are located in other states and countries (United Kingdom, Australia, China, Latin America, etc.). Most Internet legal issues involve federal and international laws that we routinely handle. If something comes up that involves the laws of a particular country, state, or province, local legal counsel can be brought in to help resolve the issue.

LAWSUITS – Can you help me with a lawsuit?

Our firm focuses on Internet and international business transactional work (preparing business legal documents, negotiating deals, etc.). No lawsuits.

BULLYING AND HARASSMENT – I’m being harassed or bullied online. Can you help?

We do not handle bullying or harassment cases. If you have received threats, contact your local police immediately. You may also want to file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center in addition to contacting your local law enforcement.

CRIMINAL CASES – I’ve been accused of a crime or believe someone has committed a crime against me. Can you help me?

We do not handle criminal legal matters. If you have received threats, or are the victim of another cyber crime, contact your local police immediately. You may also want to file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center in addition to contacting your local law enforcement.

COMPLAINTS – How do I complain about a website that has your legal documents (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, etc.) on it?

There are thousands of websites that use legal documents created by our Internet law firm. The law firm does not own these websites or their email services. The copyright notice on website legal documents means our firm owns the documents — not the website. If you are upset with a particular website, contact the owner of the site. You can usually find contact information on the website in places such as the site’s Privacy Policy. You may also find domain name registration using WHOIS. Sending our firm nasty messages and threats is misplaced anger.