Risk-Free Guarantees

internet and international business lawyer guaranteeYou are protected by three guarantees when dealing with Internet Business Lawyer Mike Young.
1. Happiness Guarantee
If you are unhappy with your telephone appointment for any reason, just ask for a refund of the professional Legal Strategy Session fee. We will promptly refund your money plus give you the names of two other attorneys who might be able to help you.
2. Timeliness Guarantee
We will respect your time. Where possible, you will be given a date when the legal work will be delivered. And the work will be delivered on or before that date.
If you have rush work that needs to be done at the last minute, and Attorney Young can’t meet that deadline because of prior commitments to other clients, he will let you know up front and give you the names of two other attorneys who might have free time in their schedules to do emergency work.
3. Revised Edition Guarantee
Once you receive legal work from us, you get 14 days to review the documents. If you’re not satisfied that we delivered as agreed upon, Attorney Young will revise the work one time at no additional charge. That’s a business promise and commitment.