Are you ready to protect and grow your business online but you
don’t have the cash flow yet to pay for an Internet lawyer to represent
you? Although there’s no substitute for advice from an Internet law
business, here are some products created to help you if you can’t afford to
pay for professional legal services. All products were created by
Internet Attorney Mike Young. However, using them does not make you
a law firm client.

privacy policy generator

Website Protection Legal Documents

Protect your Internet business in just a few minutes and save money
with this software that creates legal documents for all of the websites
that you own. Before you know it, you’ll have professional looking
website legal documents that include privacy policies, terms of use,
and much more. The software creates the documents in both English and
Spanish so you can protect yourself regardless of which language your
website visitors read.

ebook legalese

eBook Legal Protection

Use professional copyright notices, trademark notices, disclaimers, and
disclosures in your ebooks, digital special reports and white papers to
reduce the chance of getting sued or investigated by the government.
Whether author or publisher, you’re going to want to use eBook
Legalese to protect yourself. It’s the next best thing to having an
Internet lawyer draft customized documents for you.

freelance agreements and freelance contracts

Freelance Agreements

Freelance Protector quickly and easily creates freelance agreements for
you when you can’t afford to pay an attorney for customized contracts
per project. The system is based on a comprehensive freelance agreement
template written by Internet Lawyer Mike Young from the many
freelance deals he’s drafted over the years.
When you use this contract template, you simply fill in a few blanks,
briefly describe the project and payment terms, get it signed, and
you’re done.

outsourcing agreements independent contractor agreements

Outsourcing Agreements

With the InstaSourcingTM System you can quickly and easily outsource
your projects worldwide. Here’s how it works…
This System includes a comprehensive work-for-hire contract template
created for entrepreneurs like you to use when you outsource work to
others. This template is based on some of the best terms used in
customized agreements Business Internet Lawyer Mike Young has written
for clients over the years. In fact, his companies use this template
for outsourcing.
When you use this contract template, you simply fill in a few blanks,
briefly describe the project and payment terms, get it signed, and
you’re done.

membership website agreements

Membership Website Protection

Membership Website Protector includes two membership agreement
templates that you can use to reduce the chance a member will steal the
content from your member area and then sell or give it away to others.
The Protector was created by Internet Attorney Mike Young based upon
the customized membership website agreements that he drafts for clients.

social media policy and social media policies

Social Media Policies

Use a professional social media policy system to protect your company
and yourself against rogue employees and freelancers who post the wrong
things on social media sites. You don’t need your business being
associated with drugs, porn, and much worse. Social Media Legalese is
the next best thing to having an Internet attorney draft a customized
social media policy for you.