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How To Get A Sales Copy Legal Compliance Review

sales copy legal compliance reviewWhat Is A Sales Copy Legal Review?

Whether it’s an online sales page, a print sales letter, or an email marketing campaign, you’ll want to slash your risk of getting sued or in trouble with the government by having a professional sales copy legal compliance review.

As part of the review, Attorney Mike Young will identify legal dangers that could land your business in hot water. Plus, he’ll recommend solutions so you can have peace of mind.

What’s Included in a Sales Copy Review?

Three things…


First, Attorney Young will identify legal problems that should be fixed immediately along with recommendations on how to fix them. These are often legal issues that could destroy your business if you’re sued or the government comes after you for breaking the law.


The report also discusses potential legal problems plus recommends changes to fix these issues and/or how to proceed with caution to limit your potential liability exposure.

Of course, you’ll have the freedom to make a business judgment as to whether the financial benefits of keeping things the same outweighs the benefits of following recommendations to reduce your legal risks.


And the compliance review also identifies key parts of your sales copy where you’re doing things right.

Does a Sales Copy Review Help or Hurt Conversion Rates?

Attorney Young has two decades of copywriting experience. In addition to the law, he understands direct response marketing.

That’s why many law firm clients discover changes made after a sales copy review actually increase conversion rates.


Because prospects find the revised language to be more credible.

How Often Should You Have a Sales Copy Review Performed?

Now if you’ve never had a sales copy legal review, you should get one done right away so that you can start protecting your business from dangers you probably didn’t even know exist. Because they could cost you everything if they aren’t fixed.

Once you’ve had the sales copy reviewed, a good rule of thumb is to have the copy reviewed again annually even if you haven’t made any major modifications because marketing laws and regulations do change frequently. What is legal to do this year might be illegal next year.

Of course, if you’re planning on making any big changes to your sales copy, have the new content reviewed right away. Because you don’t want prospective customers and government agents see something that could get you in trouble.

How Do You Get a Sales Copy Legal Compliance Review?

The first step is to schedule a phone consultation with Attorney Young to discuss your sales copy. You can book the phone appointment online or by calling 214-546-4247.

After speaking with Attorney Young, you’ll be provided with a flat fee quote. And you’ll get a credit for the consultation fee applied against the cost of the review.