Licensing Agreements Can Grow Your Business

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A license agreement is a contract in which one party grants another party permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal. These types of licenses are common for intellectual property protected by copyright, patent, or trademark. It can include a proprietary way of doing business, such as real estate investing or even operating a yoga studio.

Licensing agreements are more flexible than franchises because they are not heavily regulated by the government, are more flexible, and are less expensive to create and control than a franchise. Licenses promote entrepreneurs instead of suffocating them with a one-size-fits-all method of doing business one finds with franchises.

There are two primary ways to grow your business through licensing: (1) find others who are willing to pay licensing fees for what you own and make money by replicating your business through these licensees; and (2) become a licensee for the rights to something that would be profitable for your business to use.

If you’ve invented the wheel, license it and make money. If you haven’t, don’t reinvent it. License it from the inventor.