business contractWhen you’re looking for a business contract to protect yourself and your company, you want to get a flat fee quote from an experienced contracts lawyer.

Flat Fee Business Contracts

To make this easy for you, Attorney Mike Young provides a flat fee Business Contract Legal Protection Package for each of the following legal agreements.

  • Affiliate Program Agreement
  • Barter Agreement
  • Coaching Agreement
  • Computer Consultant Agreement
  • Computer Hardware Sales Agreement
  • Computer Services Agreement
  • Consignment Sales Agreement
  • Content Marketing Agreement
  • Copywriting Agreement
  • Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Agreement
  • Data Service Provider Agreement
  • Employment Agreement
  • Event Promoter’s Agreement
  • Freelance Agreement
  • Ghostwriter’s Agreement
  • Hosting Terms of Service
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Seminar Agreement
  • Search Engine Marketing Agreement (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization Agreement (SEO)
  • Speaker’s Agreement
  • Teleseminar Attendee Agreement
  • Teleseminar Speaker’s Agreement
  • Webinar Attendee Agreement
  • Webinar Speaker’s Agreement
  • Website Design Agreement
  • Website Lease Agreement
  • Work-for-Hire Agreement

We prepare other contracts on a flat fee basis too. If the agreement you want isn’t listed above, contact us for a quote.

Basic Business Contract Protection Package

Here’s what you get with the Basic Protection Package:

  • 30-Minute Phone Consultation – Attorney Young will discuss your business needs, give legal advice, and apply the information to provide you with the agreement you need.
  • Customized Agreement – The contract you selected will be prepared to protect your unique interests.
  • Revisions – One set of revisions to the contract upon request within 14 days of your receiving the agreement.

Premium Protection Package

If you’re planning to use the contract more than once in your business, we recommend you invest in the Premium Protection Package that includes all of the Basic plan’s benefits plus:

  • Contract Maintenance – For 90 days after you receive the agreement from us, we will modify the contract’s terms and conditions up to two times upon request to reflect your current needs.
  • Follow-Up 30-Minute Phone Consultation – During your follow-up call, you’ll get legal advice from Attorney Young about your agreement or other business legal matters you want to discuss.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know?

Yes. When we prepare your protection package, the customized contract will be licensed for you to use in your business but the law firm retains the copyright to protect our intellectual property and you from unauthorized practice of law claims as a non-lawyer.

business contracts legal protection package pricing chart

What’s Your Next Step?

Set up a 30-minute telephone consultation with Attorney Mike Young. During your consultation, let him know the contract you want and which legal protection package (Basic or Premium) you selected. He’ll credit you for the amount you invested for the consultation and make arrangements for your payment of the balance on the plan you selected.