software developerWhether you’re a developer or a business that’s paying for software development, you want to protect your intellectual property and ensure each project goes smoothly. An experienced software lawyer can put in place the right legal documents to protect your rights and reduce the risk of a lawsuit.

Software Development Legal Protection

Here’s what you get for $2745 with the app development protection package…

  1. 20-Minute Phone Consultation – Attorney Young will discuss your business needs, give legal advice, and apply the information to provide you with customized protection in the software legal documents that will be prepared.
  2. Software Development Agreement – This contract will be prepared to protect your unique interests. Your needs will be different if you’re a developer or a business owner paying for software development by someone else. The agreement can be structured to cover a single project or development of multiple applications.
  3. Revisions – One set of revisions to the contract upon request within 10 days of your receiving the agreement.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know?

Yes. When we prepare your software development protection package, the development agreement will be licensed for you to use in your business but the law firm retains the copyright to protect our intellectual property and you from unauthorized practice of law claims as a non-lawyer.

What’s Your Next Step?

Pick a time below for your phone consultation. Your consultation fee will be credited towards your investment in the protection package.