Software Lawyer – How One Can Help Your BusinessWhether you run a company that sells software or are an application developer, it’s important to get an experienced software lawyer to help you protect your intellectual property (IP).

How does that work?

Your App Development Agreement

Have your software attorney review your software development agreement to ensure that it provides you what you need for your business. If you don’t have a contract, your legal counsel can prepare one that’s designed to meet your needs.

Important Variations

get software development legal protectionFor example, will your developers be handling a single project or multiple software development projects on an ongoing basis? The structure of your contract will be significantly different based on how you answer this question in order to ensure you’re protected when it comes to performance and potential liability if things go wrong.

Note that what’s included in your development agreement will also vary depending upon whether it’s a desktop application, mobile app, or software-as-a-service (SaaS).

The Myth of Standard App Development Contracts

Never accept the other party’s contract at face value as “standard” for app development.

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Are You A Software Developer?

Software Development Agreement: 10 Issues to CoverIf you’re a developer, you want an agreement you can use repeatedly that’s written with particular language that lets you recycle code on other app development projects while limiting your liability risk exposure if the client is unhappy.

Do You Hire App Developers Or Contract Projects To Them?

On the other hand, if you have software being developed by employees or independent contractors, you want to make sure you truly get what you pay for plus have legal remedies in case something goes wrong.

As you can see, there’s no one-size-fits all software development agreement because the needs of your business are unique whether you’re the developer or the company that’s paying for app development.