protect your websiteIf you have a business site that either is located or has customers in the United States, there are some key website legal protections you’ll want to put in place to reduce the chance you’ll get sued or arrested for breaking the law.

Whether your site is new or you’ve been online for years, it’s important to have a qualified Internet lawyer review your content and make sure you’ve got the right legal language in place to shield you.

Key Website Legal Protection

Here’s what you get for $5995 with the protection package…

  1. 20-Minute Phone Consultation – Attorney Young will discuss your business needs, provide legal advice, and apply the information to provide you with customized legal protection for your website.
  2. Website Legal Compliance Review – Your website’s home page and four other pages you choose will be professionally reviewed. You will receive written recommendations for changes to make for reducing your liability exposure. Typically these recommendations can be used on other parts of your site too.
  3. Custom Website Privacy Policy – Sometimes referred to as a “privacy statement,” a privacy policy will be prepared based on your unique business.
  4. Custom Website Terms of Use – Also known as “terms of service,” these website terms and conditions explain the rights and responsibilities of your website visitors so you can prevent misconduct that leads to lawsuits or a government investigation.
  5. Custom Website Refunds & Returns Policy – A written policy will be prepared for your site that explains how requests for refunds (and returns of any physical products) are handled so you can limit customer complaints and reduce the chances of either being sued or reported to a government agency.

Does Your Site Qualify?

For legal, moral, and professional reasons, some websites are ineligible. These include sites dedicated to illegal content (e.g. child pornography, fake medical cures, marijuana sales, etc.). Our focus is on helping business owners sell legal products and services to customers in the United States.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know?

Yes. When we prepare a privacy policy, terms of use, or refund and returns policy, the website legal document will be licensed to your business for use on your website but the law firm retains the copyright to protect our intellectual property and you from unauthorized practice of law claims as a non-lawyer.

What’s Your Next Step?

Pick a time below for your phone consultation. Your consultation fee will be credited towards your investment in the protection package.