How to Pick the Right Software License Agreement

software license agreementWhen you develop software, you will want to have a software license agreement that defines how that software can be used.


This both protects your intellectual property and reduces the chances that your software will be misused. In addition, your software license, as a binding contract, can often limit your liability in case the software causes damage to a user.

Working with your software lawyer, the first step is to identify the type of software license agreement you want to use.

Software License Agreement Factors

Key questions to consider when determining the type of license that’s right for your software include…

1. Will your software be included in hardware (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.), sold separately, or both?

2. Will the user have the right to re-sell, redistribute, or modify your software?

3. Do you want to keep the software proprietary or provide users with broader rights? For example, freeware, shareware, the ability to reverse engineer your software, or open source rights?

4. Does your software license include complimentary upgrades to new versions or are they sold separately?

5. Are you planning to make a profit from the software? If so, how? From sales of the software? Revenue from ads served by the software?

As you discuss these issues with your Internet attorney, it will become easy to identify the right type of software license agreement to use to protect you.

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