Aug 5

Internet Informant: White House Wants You To Be A Government Snitch

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informantIf you oppose government-run health care in an e-mail or on a website, the U.S. government wants to know it.

When your cyber-friends discover that you ratted them out, will you be able to enter the Witness Protection Program? Or will it be a moot point because those you snitched on get sent to re-education camps? Ridiculous? Not if the most powerful man in the United States is asking people internet-privacyto do their patriotic duty by reporting dissidents. This is a program that the governments in Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela would be proud of…Of course, they already use the informant system to identify and hunt down dissidents.

This is not about health care. It is a First Amendment free speech issue. If you cannot disagree with the President of the United States in an e-mail or in a forum without being reported to the government for it, then the Bill of Rights means nothing. And if you agree with the President on healthcare, what happens on the next issue that you happen to disagree with him?

Anyone who wants to report this post should e-mail

Just remember…you could be next. And if you’re ‘lucky,’ you’ll get listed in the Who’s a Rat database.

Hat tip: Red State

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  1. Jammer J 7 Aug 2009 |

    I don’t know Mike, usually you are spot on, but this post is going in another direction.

    You are allowing your Republicanism to creep into the logic areas of your brain, resist the ideological temptation, and stay with it!

    Why is it a first amendment issue? Nobody is saying fools can’t say foolish things. The White house communication you refer to just asks people to let them know about any disinformation they find, so the White house has a chance to respond.

    Bush & Cheney proved you can hijack a country by outright lies, repeat them long enough & the uninformed majority (50.1% is all it took) will buy it hook line & sinker. Obama is playing chess while the Repubs play checkers, and now they don’t like it that he is calling them (& the Blue Dog Dems) out for being obstructionists against the will of the majority of all Americans.

    Americans want health care reform, Obama is making a strong case for it, and part of that is rebutting absurd commentary that is bound to be thrown at the issue. That is all the White house is trying to do, nothing Stazi like about it, just good & educated rhetorical skill.

    • Mike Young 7 Aug 2009 |


      In the last election, I voted for candidates of both parties. I’m an economic conservative and libertarian on most other issues. It isn’t partisan to point out the government snitch program. It would be wrong if either party tried it. Just happens to be a Democrat in the White House.

      Quite frankly, I’m not impressed with what his Republican predecessor did under the Patriot Act either. For example, when I travel internationally, I take a stripped down netbook with me because I don’t want U.S. Customs seizing client files upon returning to the U.S. There are no national security issues in my client files but the Customs Service can seize computers and/or copy hard drive contents at the border.

      Denial of fundamental civil liberties is simply wrong. And I’m not going to give either political party a free pass on it.

      Best wishes,


  2. Tom 7 Aug 2009 |

    Joe McCarthy would be a happy man if he were in office right now. Talk about oppressive.

    Seeing the White House web site (we the people? or we some people?) hijacked for one segment of society’s thought-policing agenda is incredibly alarming.

    It seems to me that the White House web site itself should be reported to that email address. After all, it’s pretty fishy.

    I’m sure you’re already on the watch list, Mike. At least you’ll know for certain when your government-approved medical clerk (I mean, Level IV Email Consult) advises you that you can’t be seen by a newly-minted nurse practitioner for 18 more months.