Sep 24

Salty Droid: Internet Marketer, Lawyer, Menace, or Maven?

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salty-droidWho is Salty Droid?

Before answering that question, let’s address the conspiracy theories.

Q: Am I really Salty Droid?

A: No.

Q: Is “Salty Droid” a pseudonym for Ben Mack?

A: Although Ben Mack’s outing of Paulie Sabol did make him a prime candidate, and Ben likes to use multiple personalities online, he is not Salty Droid. If he stopped saying {bleep bloop}, he’d be even less suspicious.

Q: What about Frank Kern or Jason Moffatt?

A: Dude. No way.

Q: Is Salty Droid a law firm client?

A: No.

Q: Do I know who Salty Droid is?

A: Salty Droid appears to be who he claims to be. Read his bio.

With the amount of traffic that Salty Droid’s site is getting, there are a lot of readers in the Internet info product marketing arena. Whether you like or dislike the content, the site is raising awareness of ethical lapses in Internet marketing…and it is apparently being done without monetizing the site or for publicity. Speaking of publicity, the following quote comes to mind:

“Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases.

Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants;

electric light the most efficient policeman.”

– Justice Louis Brandeis

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  1. Salty Droid 24 Sep 2009 |

    Surely you aren’t trying to suggest that he’s telling the truth? That’s just ridiculous!

  2. Karin Hiebert 24 Sep 2009 |

    “Surely you aren’t trying to suggest that he’s telling the truth? That’s just ridiculous!”

    Funny, when asked by numerous people if I know who Salty Droid is my answer has always been the same.

    “Yes. I do know…read his bio and you too will know!” followed by ~ “Salty Jason Droid is also a friend I can depend on.”

    Recent questions;

    Q- “Is Salty Droid Mike Young?”

    A.- “No, without question or hesitation NO!”

    Q- “Are you {Karin} Salty Droid?”

    A- “Again, a big fat NO. Read his bio…I am not a lawyer”

    Q.- “Why are you friends with Salty… he is all about negativity and he swears too much?”

    A.- “I am friends with Salty because I make friends with a lot of people who are about Promoting Awareness~ his choosing of the way he delivers the message is irrelevant to me.

    If I listed all of the questions and answers this would turn into a blog post and not a comment.

    Hope that answers a few more questions!

  3. Karin Hiebert 24 Sep 2009 |

    P.S. – Salty’s blog DOES get a lot of traffic, followers, and comments…Salty started with a free wordpress blog… he has not studied or uses “SEO” {he is totally against it!}

    for someone who is not monetizing, or is not after publicity it is a great lesson for many, and something to pay attention to….

    Salty just knows how it works without using the methods taught by the gurus…

    With the exception of;

    Provide Content and Blog Regularly…

    Salty could probably wrap that up into a package with a neat little bow around it and call it an “info” product at at the low buy now price of $XXXX. ~ but he won’t, he has too much class to do that.

    • Mike Young 24 Sep 2009 |


      Mea culpa. I forgot that some conspiracy theorists suspected you are Salty Droid. Should have included that in the original post.

      As for a Salty Droid info product, he’ll need to develop some IM guru “street cred” with a criminal history (or at least claim he was in a gang). Being a lawyer or a member of the ABA doesn’t count. Repeated references to Al Capone, the Daley political machine, and doing things “the Chicago Way” would be a great start.

      Best wishes,


  4. mike 24 Sep 2009 |

    Salty Droid is great! He really brings out the issues that need attention. I only wish the scammers would take him more seriously.

    This industry needs more people like Salty to speak out. I should re phrase that – He could do with less hatred and profanity since I believe that may be hurting his creditabilty, but the posts he makes bringing these scammers and their latest shenanigans to light are golden and right on target.

    I do see one connection here. Both you and Salty apparently attended law school in the DC area.

    I see an opportunity for another blog to fit into this “niche” between you and Salty by developing a blog focused on the current scam of the week that is more targeted such as Salty’s but with less profanity. One that is strictly focused on the issues and makes people who may be on the fence about buying think about how whatever is being marketed as the latest greatest thing is really a scam and how it’s preying on the desperate or naive who want to believe.

    • Mike Young 24 Sep 2009 |


      Agree with your comment and the need for a scam-of-the-week type site. Speaking of which, that .com is for sale for $250. You wouldn’t happen to own it, would you? 😉

      As for the DC area law school issue, Georgetown (mine) and George Washington (Salty Droid’s) are two separate and distinct schools. If Salty ever chooses to disclose his identity, you’ll discover we did not attend those schools at the same time and it was highly unlikely we both lived in the D.C. area simultaneously.

      Best wishes,


  5. mike 24 Sep 2009 |

    Sorry I don’t own the .com for it. Sounds like you should go for it, Mike, or encourage a fellow IM friend to do so.

    Just think, you could help a lot of those poor losers and suckers, uh oh, I mean Warriors, out over there in that cesspool of misinformation and WSO’s. I now hear complaints that the mods over there are deleting threads when they become too controversial such as the Stompernet thing and some other offer I read about but don’t recall.

    It’s really too painful to log on to that forum and as with most forums, a waste of precious time. But you and Salty really rock along with a couple of blogs are worth the read. Keepin’ it real!

    Didn’t mean to imply you and Salty went to same schools, I realize they are two different schools in DC.

  6. liz 18 Nov 2009 |

    awh…………. come on; so who is the salty froid?
    any clues to make reading his blog a little less profane and a little more fun?

    • Mike Young 18 Nov 2009 |

      Jason/Salty Droid appears to be who he says he is.
      As for his blog content, asking him to tone it down would be a waste of time.
      Yes, the “salty” language can be a turn off.
      But that’s his choice.
      I’m sure that if there is a market for a polite version of what he’s doing, someone
      will create a blog that does it. Why not you?
      Best wishes,

  7. liz 18 Nov 2009 |

    I don’t want him to turn it off
    i just want to be able to send him an email
    I would like his help finding the best SEO
    thank you for this opportunity

  8. hmmm 6 Oct 2010 |

    is this sugar ray leonards old manager?

  9. Buck Nelson 11 Oct 2010 |

    It was nice to read about Salty Droid here. I recently (about 2 weeks ago) was turned on to his blog and I think what he is doing is excellent.

  10. internet newbie 12 Oct 2010 |

    I have run a successful medical publishing company for the past 8 years. During this time, it’s become increasingly important for offline publishers like me to learn how create compelling online content that will draw a large, interested audience. This is why I began researching Internet marketing experts, and how I discovered Not Dr. Harlan Kilstein, Frank Kern, Yanik Silver, Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, and the rest of the Syndicate’s fake gurus.

    After purchasing several of these fake guru’s products, I can honestly say that these guys are rip off artists of the first magnitude. They’re great on sales hype and short on valuable content. Very short.

    I wish I had found the Salty Droid’s amazing website before plunking down thousands of dollars on the Sydicate phoney-gurus’ worthless Internet marketing products.

    If I’d found the The Salty Droid first, I would have save a lot of money and time. He is wickledy funny, but his real agenda is absolutely clear. He’s just an honest guy who’s offended aby shady, dishonest, unethical crooks who are taking advantage of people like me who are not familiar with Internet marketing and want to learn best practices.

    Make no mistake, What Salty Droid exposes is shocking. The discussion between Andy Jenkins and Jeff Walker about how to rip off Andy’s Video Boss customers was truly disgusting, and it’s amazing that Salty Droid was able to record that phone call. Mike Koenig’s discussion with Tony Robbin’s staff as they crafted a finely tuned, dishonest sales pitch for losers, oh, I mean their customers, was equally disgusting. Just thinking about these fake gurus makes my skin crawl. They’re like a sub-human creepy, crawling life form.

    What’s also amazing is that thousands of people just like me have been ripped off by the Syndicate’s fake gurus, but only one person has been courageous enough to expose the bastards. I say BRAVO Salty Droid. Long may you write. Beep, beep . . .

  11. Jim 24 Oct 2010 |

    “After purchasing several of these fake guru’s products, I can honestly say that these guys are rip off artists of the first magnitude.”

    Yawn. I see somehow else likes their koolaid with a little salt. I can honestly say you probably haven’t purchased a single one of their courses, let alone several, and if you did, you didn’t actually read/watch them and take action. See, just buying them isn’t enough. You actually have to do what they say. But it’s much easier being a drone of the salty one and blaming everyone else for your problems instead of taking a look in the mirror, and thinking for ones self, isn’t it, newbie?

    • Paul 7 Nov 2010 |

      Seems to me the koolaid drinker is you Jim.

      I’d be interested in seeing some real proof from somebody who’s actually built a business using the “Syndicate’s” products. And I don’t mean one which entails building a list and promoting the syndicate’s or some other guru’s products.

      And your childish little “newbie” taunt at the end of your post is basically what the problem is. Almost all of these products are aimed at “newbies” as they know that people that have been around the block a few times avoid the overpriced “guru” rip-off products like the plague. They know that most of it is just rehashed bollocks that can be found on the internet for free.

      Of course you marketers are going to give your false testimonials saying it’s a great product, as you want people to click on your affiliate link at the bottom of the page. The “didn’t take action” excuse is getting old. Most people fail with these products because they simply don’t work however much “action” they take.

      Sites like Saltydroid’s make people aware of the pitfalls of listening to smooth talking “surfer dudes” and slick salesmen. People like you hate him and are afraid of him because he’s something many of you aren’t, HONEST.

    • Eric 15 Nov 2010 |

      Amen to that Jim!

      The followers of the droid are mad because they simply haven’t achieved the level of success they desire. and now they’re playing the victim card.

  12. Jim 24 Oct 2010 |


    somehow should be someone. I guess that typo makes me a scammer too, lol.