Do you need website legal protection?

website legal protection

How Internet Lawyer Mike Young can help protect your business website

Part of protecting your business online is making sure your site is legally compliant so you’re not exposing your company to government investigations or client lawsuits.

One the first steps Business & Technology Lawyer Mike Young often performs for business owners is a Professional Website Legal Diagnostic. This website analysis identifies potential legal problems with your company’s site so you can easily fix them now to avoid expensive legal problems later.

In addition to performing a professional website legal review, Attorney Young uses his experience as an Internet attorney to prepare customized website legal documents for clients, including privacy policies, terms of use, membership agreements, affiliate program agreements, disclaimers, refund policies, return policies, and much more.

You can learn more now about how much you’ll invest in this type of website legal protection by reviewing our Internet law firm’s Schedule of Estimated Legal Fees. Then schedule a telephone appointment with Mike to discuss your needs.