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3 Ways Copywriters Can Protect Their Businesses

copywriting protection as a concept

When you’re a professional copywriter, you want to make sure you protect your business (and your personal assets too) in case something goes wrong. After all, it only takes one unhappy client with deep pockets to destroy most copywriting businesses.

Although you can’t eliminate every risk, here’s three things you’ll want to consider doing right now.

1. Nondisclosure Agreements (NDA).

Whether you’re using an NDA as a marketing tool or a prospective copywriting client insists you sign one, ideally you’ll use a nondisclosure agreement that’s designed to favor you as the copywriter. Too many copywriters sign NDAs without realizing how much they’ve given away by the language in them. If you’re not careful, an NDA can be wielded by a client like a baseball bat to prevent you from doing work for other clients in the same industry, geographic location, etc.

2. Freelance Copywriting Agreement.

If you’re working as an independent contractor (not an employee), you’ll want to use a freelance independent contractor agreement that covers one or more projects with each client. And you’ll want that contract to contain terms favorable to you.

3. Sales Copy Legal Compliance Review.

If there are government investigations or lawsuits because of the sales copy, chances are your client is going to want to come after you. In addition to having the right legal protections in place in your copywriting agreement, using a business entity with a liability shield as the party to the agreement (e.g., an LLC or corporation), you’ll also reduce your risk by having the sales copy reviewed by an experienced copywriting lawyer before handing it over to the client.

If you need help protecting your copywriting business, check out our Copywriter Protection Packages.

Mike Young, Esq.

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