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7 Steps to Putting More Money in Your Pocket

By October 11, 2007October 29th, 2012Internet Lawyer

Tired of spinning your wheels trying to market your products or services on the Internet? Here are seven steps to getting on the right track.
1. Don’t give something away for free because someone promises that you’ll get paid more later if you do so. The client who won’t pay something now will pay nothing later. Free has no perceived value to the client no matter how much you deliver.
2. If price is the primary focus of a prospective client, walk away from the deal. This type of client has no loyalty and will leave you in a heartbeat if someone offers a lower price.
3. Get paid up front. Customers will justify not paying you after-the-fact while you’re trying to collect. The longer you wait to invoice, the less likely it will be that you’ll get paid.
4. Your clients have the funds to buy what you’re offering if they really want it. Don’t accept excuses. The same person who pleads poverty when haggling over your price leases luxury cars, is mortgaged to the hilt to live in a house larger than yours, takes more vacations than you, etc.
5. Always have back end products and services to upsell and cross-sell to your client right after a purchase is made. Strike while the client is in a buying mood.
6. There is no ladder of success to climb. You are the expert because you know more about what you do than your clients. Act like one.
7. Focus on taking action. You can control your actions but not the results. If the results aren’t what you want, simply adjust your actions.

For more tips, check out this Dan Kennedy video.


Mike Young, Esq.

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