Should you put your blog on the Amazon Kindle?

Internet attorney Amazon KindleAs an Internet attorney, I find it fascinating that Amazon’s Kindle provides an additional outlet for your blog readers. In fact, Amazon Kindle editions of books now outsell hard cover and paperback books on the site. In other words, there’s a huge Kindle audience.

Signing up for the program is simple to do at

But should you?

When you sign up, you’re giving Amazon a license to do virtually whatever it wants with your blog’s content. This includes modifying your content, or even turning it into a book without additional permission from you. Refer questions about this to your Internet attorney.

If you’re running a non-profit blog where you’re looking for donors for your favorite charity, this could be a good fit because more readers equals more potential donors. However, if your blog is part of your business model, giving Amazon permission to even become your competitor using your own content may not make the most sense.

To your online success!

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