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American Police Force: Internet Scam?

By September 29, 2009Internet Lawyer

american-police-forceWhat in Hades is going on in Montana? In April 2009, Two Rivers Authority and the Hardin City Council started looking into housing enemy combatants currently detained in Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo), Cuba. A few weeks later (May 15th), a business called the American Police Force (“APF”) registers the domain name The next thing you know, APF is trying to contract to operate a private jail and police training center for $27 million.

It seems that the detention facility was built but had no prisoners. APF offered to fill the jail and operate it.

Although no agreement has been reached because, among other issues, bondholders have rejected it, APF employees have apparently patrolled the streets of Hardin City in Mercedes SUVs with “Hardin City Police” decals on the sides of the vehicles…but there isn’t a city police department. Crime is handled by the county sheriff’s department.

Think about this for a minute. A private company with no government contract suddenly decides to play police in your home town. What would you do?

It gets better. The server for APF’s website happens to host Defense Product Solutions’ website. This company registered its domain name way back on June 19, 2009. Note that both APF and DPS use the double-headed eagle for their corporate logos. (registered March 2007) appears to be a related site. This website’s administrative contact is Mohammad Abdalla. Mr. Abdalla is listed as the COO for this company in Anaheim, CA.

Here’s where it gets more strange. The admin e-mail is for a Mr. Edward Angelino, who just happens to be listed as a small business contact for Defense Logistics Services, Inc., a company that appears to be providing foreign military sales support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Angelino has an interesting tracking record when it comes to both lawsuits and government contracts.

DESCRIPTION: Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Support to Kingdom of Saudia Arabia Logistical, Financial Management, Analysis, and Administrative Support

According to the California Secretary of State’s office, Defense Logistics Services, Inc. was formed in 2004 but is dissolved.

There is, however, an American Private Police Force Org Inc. that was incorporated March 2, 2009, and is based in Anaheim too. In addition to being the corporation’s agent for service of process, a Mr. Michael Hilton is the self-designated “Captain” of the APF.

The APF claims it is the subsidiary of a parent company but won’t identify the parent company or where APF is getting its money. The company’s Washington, D.C. address is a virtual office. Its Santa Ana, California office appears to be in an office complex with a Spanish-speaking church, a dental lab, and insurance agency.

Our main office is located in Washington D.C. and we service all 50 States and most Countries. Our experienced staff consists of highly experienced former law enforcement officers. – APF Website

Based on the above information, it seems that the websites are designed to create a much larger presence for American Police Force than actually exists. If there is actually adequate funding and professional personnel available to handle the construction and operation of a detention facility in Montana, the evidence for it isn’t readily available. If this is a scam, the government officials duped into supporting it should be thrown out of office. If the company is legit, there ought to be an investigation as to why it is patrolling the streets in vehicles with “police” decals when the employees are not municipal police. And if this is somehow a botched federal government operation to relocate Guantanamo Bay detainees, there should be Congressional hearings looking into what has occurred.

Mike Young, Esq.

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