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Announcing Tony Blake’s New Entrepreneurial Success Forum

After more than 15 years of providing an online marketing discussion forum, Internet marketer Tony Blake is launching a Web 2.0 version of his Entrepreneurial Success Forum packed with information that you can use to grow your Internet businesses. Tony’s site is one of the three that I check out on a regular basis because of the valuable content you can find from experienced online marketers.

Tony’s been around direct marketing since before Al Gore invented the Internet. If you want an example of some of his older work, check out this video.

This is NOT a sales pitch. Registration at the new site is free.

You’ll find how-to videos and a bunch of other stuff there worth viewing. Tony’s put together a great team of marketing experts covering virtually every topic you need information about when doing business online.
FYI – I’ll be the resident Internet law expert on Blake’s new forum. After you’ve registered, be sure to scroll down to the legal section and check it out. There’s links to some cool resources there plus an interesting discussion on how you can approach a cyber squatter and reduce the price for a domain name that you want.

Note that Tony is giving away more content than you’ll find in many fee-based membership sites. Take advantage of it and grow your business.

Just click this link check out the new site any time after 12 p.m. Pacific/3 p.m. Eastern today when it launches.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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