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Why Is It Important For You To Have An Anti-Spam Policy

What is an anti-spam policy?

An anti-spam policy is a document a company posts to its website outlining the company’s policies regarding the sending of spam (unwanted and/or junk email) communications. The policy will set out clearly the how the company will address and respond to incidents of spam communication

What should be in your anti-spam policy and why should you have one?

Your company is going to want to have an anti-spam policy for a variety of reasons. For instance, such a policy lets your clients know you care about their privacy and respect their probable desire to not be bombarded with junk electronic communication. This in turn can increase the likelihood that a potential client will give their business to your company.
A typical anti-spam policy will address a wide variety of issues and concerns relating to spam. Amongst other things, a typically through and comprehensive anti-spam policy will include the following:

1. A definition of spam
2. The company’s official position against spam communications
3. How the company tries to prevent and filter out spam emails, as well as a statement clarifying the inherent problem that while much of the spam a user receives can probably be filtered out without them ever having to see it, occasionally the filter is bound to miss something and let it get through to your inbox.
4. A statement prohibiting users and clients from using the company’s website or service to spam others.
5. Clarification as to how the policy may be amended or replaced in the future.
6. Contact information for the company’s anti-spam coordinator or department.

Need help crafting an anti-spam policy?

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