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Are Your Texas Gym Membership Contracts Valid?

texas gym closed by the state of texas government

When you own a Texas gym, you must comply with state law covering such businesses. And, if you provide membership financing options, you also have to comply with federal law that protects consumers.

The biggest mistake Texas gym owners make is failing to comply with the state’s health spa act. If you break this law, among other things, your membership contracts aren’t enforceable. Plus you can end up getting sued by the Texas Attorney General and end up paying penalties.

Then there’s the state’s biometrics law. Even if you’re not collecting biometrics (e.g., eye scans) for gym access and purchases, there’s a good chance that any mobile app you use for the gym members will have access to facial recognition or fingerprint data.

Of course, even if your membership agreements are valid, they can still be missing important terms and conditions designed to protect you as the gym owner.

And then there’s related Texas gym membership documents. These include media releases and waivers of liability.

Now if you need help with your Texas gym’s legal documents, the first step is to set up a phone consultation with Business Lawyer Mike Young.

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