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Ashley Madison Hacked: Sex, Lies, and Internet Privacy

By July 22, 2015May 5th, 2016Internet Lawyer
ashley madison hacked

Why is the hacking of important?

If you’re married and trolling the Internet looking for extramarital “no strings attached” sex, you’ve probably come across the website

Anonymous Married Dating?

The primary purpose of the site is to make money by helping adulterers find each other for secret affairs. In fact, as of today, Ashley Madison claims almost 38 million “anonymous members.”
However, news reports allege that hackers now have the entire database and are starting to “out” these members to the public. Imagine what your spouse would do to you upon discovering you’re a member of an adultery website.

The Lesson of the Fappening

Whether or not you’re an Ashley Madison member, there’s a lesson to be learned here that has nothing to do with infidelity.
As celebrities found out when their nude photos were hacked during the “Fappening,” you should assume that anything password protected on the Internet isn’t really secure.
Before putting anything online, whether it’s in cloud storage or on a paid membership website, assume that the public can and will see it at some point.

Do you own a website?

What if you own a site that advertises complete privacy or anonymity? It’s probably time to see your Internet lawyer about revising your site’s content and disclaimers because hackers are making it just about impossible to make that promise and keep it.
Internet privacy isn’t dead. It’s virtually nonexistent these days. Act accordingly.

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