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Bogus Awards Don’t Help Your Business Or Your Website

The Press Club of Dallas is involved in a mini-scandal involving alleged rigging of its 2006 Katie Awards. The public is already skeptical. Don’t make your prospects think you’re not trustworthy by bolstering your “credibility” with fake awards.

Too often, one reads advertisements or views websites that contain trophy and ribbon logos with words like “Voted Best Widget 2007” and “Top 10 Website.” If a legitimate third party actually bestowed that honor on your business or website without you paying compensation for it, then by all means use the award to market your business. If money changed hands or something else shady led to your being the recipient of the award, don’t jeopardize your reputation for honesty and integrity. It only takes one prospect or client to discover what really happened. The risk isn’t worth the reward…plus you’ll sleep better at night.

Hat tip to Jeff Carlton at the Associated Press.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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