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Can The Donald Trump Toilet Be Too Far Behind?

Call it a case of ego run amuck. Donald Trump has launched his own line of home furniture. “Now the public can not only wear my clothes, they can sit on my couch,” Trump said.

Branding is one thing. But if you plaster your brand on everything, it dilutes the brand. You no longer have a target demographic and your brand stands for very little except a big ego.

Want an example?

When was the last time you bought a car because it was made by General Motors? You might buy a Chevy, a Cadillac, or a Saturn (all brands made by GM), but the General Motors name itself is meaningless to consumers because it has been slapped on too many things.

As for Trump, I recommend that his fans hold out and purchase Trump The Toilet when he decides to brand one. They’ll have a porcelain god to pay homage to after drinking too many rounds of Trump Vodka.

Hat tip to Ieva M. Augstums at the Associated Press.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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