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Congress Debates Proposed Anti-Spyware Bill

The Spy Act (Securely Protect Yourself Against Cyber Trespass) is being debated in the U.S. House of Representatives.

How will this affect your business?

Hopefully not at all.

But here’s the danger. If some form of this bill becomes law, Congress has a propensity to screw things up when it comes to the Internet because, quite frankly, most legislators are clueless when it comes to the Internet.

Legitimate data collection activities could be outlawed by poorly written legislation.

Also note that the biggest proponents of this legislation are those who seem to be RIAA and MPAA advocates on Capitol Hill. What’s good for the recording and movie industries isn’t necessarily good for your business.

Just keep tabs on this and hope the bill dies. As you know, a new law isn’t going to stop malicious spyware from being created or distributed. Political posturing with a bad law just brings headaches and lawsuits.

Hat tip to PC Advisor.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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