What is Copyright Infringement?

copyright infringementCopyright infringement is the misuse of a work without permission. For example, if someone records a bootleg copy of a movie (an intellectual property “pirate”) and posts it online.

Working with an experienced copyright lawyer, you may able to protect your work against infringement (e.g. get an injunction) and collect significant monetary damages from the infringer plus require the infringer to pay your attorney’s fees.

In cases of willful infringement upon a registered work, there may be statutory damages of $150,000 per infringement plus lawyer fees awarded. Whether you’re the plaintiff or the defendant in an infringement action, the dollar amounts at risk means it’s a good idea to get an experienced intellectual property attorney to represent your interests instead of trying to wing it on your own.

Your attorney can explain your options that will depend upon many variables, including whether you’ve registered the work, the nature of the infringement (innocent versus willful), and other factors.

Where Do You Find A Good Copyright Lawyer?

One of easiest ways to find a qualified U.S. copyright lawyer is to retain a Registered Patent Attorney that’s an intellectual property lawyer who also handles trademarks and copyrights.

Your copyright attorney can help you by (1) registering your original works with the U.S. Copyright Office, (2) advising you on the best methods for putting others on notice that you own the copyright(s), (3) helping you license, buy, or sell a copyrighted work, and (3) representing you in copyright infringement disputes if you’re the copyright owner or the person accused of infringement.