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Does Your Texas Gym Membership Cancelation Policy Violate State Law?

texas gym membership contract

When you own a Texas gym, it’s important to make sure you comply with state law, particularly the Texas Health Spa Act.

For example, if you have a firm “no early termination” policy, and your gym is covered by the Act, then you’re probably breaking the law.


Because the Texas law makes it mandatory in some circumstances to let the member end the agreement early.

Not only that, there are certain disclosures you must make in the gym membership contract about membership cancelation rights.

What happens if you violate the Texas Health Spa Act? Every one of your gym contracts can be void.

How long would you stay in business if all your members could walk away today because their membership agreements are unenforceable?

And if there are enough member complaints, you risk a lawsuit from the Texas Attorney General’s Office too for violating the law. Can you afford that?

Now if you’re a Texas gym owner and you need help with your membership contract, it’s time to schedule a phone consultation with Business Lawyer Mike Young. Note that Attorney Young only represents Texas gyms and their owners (not gym members).

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