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Employee Handbooks: Does Your Internet Business Need One?

By September 14, 2009Internet Lawyer

employee-handbookLarge corporations with human resources departments just love to have employee handbooks. A company handbook typically states the respective rights and responsibilities of the company and its employees. This includes everything from dress code rules to vacation policies.

In some instances, an employee handbook can be useful for the Internet business that has employees. However, there are plenty of legal dangers when creating such a handbook. For example, the content of a handbook may change an at-will employment into a contractual relationship where you can only terminate an employee under certain circumstances.

If you’re going to use an employee handbook in your online business, be sure to work with your Internet attorney in creating the handbook so that it works to your benefit instead of against you. Assume that any ambiguities in the handbook can be construed against you as the employer in favor of your employees because you’re the one who drafted it.

Your Internet lawyer can draft the right legal disclaimers and documents for your employees to sign that protect your rights.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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