Facebook Privacy Policy Whiners Need To Get A Life

By November 23, 2012Internet Lawyer

facebook privacy policy site governanceA few years ago, Facebook decided to let users vote on how user privacy and other issues are handle at the social media site. Like so much that’s free on the Web, certain misguided users and tech pundits mistake this benevolence to be an irrevocable “right” that Facebook can never modify or rescind.

Because it is so easy to manipulate Facebook Site Governance votes, the social networking site has decide it is time for a change – reflecting the reality that user feedback is important but shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

In other words, Facebook is a social media website that has the right to change how it operates within the confines of the law. That includes changing Facebook’s privacy policy.

website privacy policy

If a user doesn’t like changes to Facebook’s privacy policy or other operational terms and conditions, that user can always delete their account and go elsewhere to find social networking opportunities.

To claim a nonexistent “right” to veto the way Facebook’s social media site (or Google+, Linkedin, etc.) is run is absurd. When in Facebook’s social networking ballpark, as a user, you play by the company’s rules…even when those rules change.

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