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Facebook stunt lands guy in jail

By November 16, 2010Internet Lawyer

facebook website attorneyToo often, as a Website attorney, I see domestic disputes turn into online stalking and harassment. Then there’s this case involving a guy who went nuts when his girlfriend broke up with him.

In this case, the guy threatened his ex, stole her stuff, and then decided to get “revenge” using Facebook as the weapon. He posted a naked pic of her on Facebook and made it public so that a half billion FB users had access to it, including her friends.

Arrested and convicted for distributing the photo, the guy will be spending only 4 months in jail for the stunt.

Your Website attorney will tell you that there are at least two important lessons to learn from this…

1. Don’t take (or let anyone else take) pics or video of you that could embarrass you in the future. It can and will come back to haunt you somehow…often permanently cached somewhere on the Internet.

2. If you have anyone doing work on your Internet business (employee or independent contractor), you’ll want to have a Social Media Policy in place that protects your reputation and limits your liability exposure for what they put on Facebook and other social media sites while doing work for you.

To your online success!

-Mike the Website attorney

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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