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What Is The Federal Trade Commission?

By January 13, 2007June 19th, 2010Internet Lawyer

The Federal Trade Commission is a large government agency that employs investigators, attorneys, and administrative law judges. It is headed by five Commissioners who serve 7-year terms after being nominated by the President and conbusinessed by the U.S. Senate.

By judicial precedent (prior court decisions), statutes, and regulations, the FTC’s authority to act on behalf of consumers against you is extremely broad. Responsible for enforcement and administrative duties under 46 statutes, here are a few of the major laws that the FTC relies upon.

* Federal Trade Commission Act

* Consumer Leasing Act

* Electronic Funds Transfer Act

* Equal Credit Opportunity Act

* Fair Credit Billing Act

* Fair Credit Reporting Act

* Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

* Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

* Truth in Lending Act


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