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Internet Lawyer: Federal Trade Commission and Deceptive Trade Practices

By June 25, 2010June 28th, 2010Internet Lawyer

federal trade commission deceptive trade practices lincolnGetting in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission with your online business can be easy if you don’t listen to your Internet lawyer. Just deceive your clients into buying something that isn’t as described. Internet marketers do this all the time with info products. They take something that might have a small benefit to purchasers and then engage in deceptive trade practices by advertising the product as having benefits that don’t really exist.

Because the Federal Trade Commission has responsibilities that include protecting consumers from false and deceptive claims, marketing your products and services with misleading promises about the results to be delivered is a recipe for legal trouble. Even if you avoid an FTC investigation or lawsuit, you can still end up getting nailed by your state attorney general’s consumer protection division. Consulting with an Internet lawyer before engaging in questionable marketing practices can save you both time and money.

By now, you’re probably wondering about the ugly car pic in this post. I took it this morning in Tampa on my way to the airport after a 2-day mastermind event. As you can see, the Lincoln has been modified to look like a more expensive car (probably an Excalibur). But would you really be fooled into thinking it wasn’t an ugly modified Lincoln? That’s the same impression left with most prospects who discover deceptive claims made in your sales content.

Appalled, they run from your offer in disgust if you’re lucky. Some might choose to file a Federal Trade Commission complaint too. It just isn’t worth it to lie or deceive. Sell the benefits of your products and services but don’t misrepresent them. Of course, if you have questions about a specific legal issue, consult with your Internet lawyer.

Mike Young, Esq.

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