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free legal advice

Did you know some business lawyers pretend to give away free legal advice to prospective clients?

Why would an attorney give away a “free” consultation that has value…unless he’s making it up by overcharging you later for legal services when you become a client?

Do you want real legal help or a “free” disguised sales pitch?

That’s why Business & Technology Lawyer Mike Young doesn’t give away free legal advice…because it is not really free. When you have your phone consultation with him, there is a professional services fee to cover his time spent helping you.

When you invest in a 1-on-1 confidential telephone appointment with Attorney Young, you’re getting his undivided attention during that time in a fair trade.

“A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” – Abraham Lincoln

Whether or not you retain Attorney Young as business legal counsel on an ongoing basis, you benefit from the consultation time discussing your legal issues.


You will receive valuable legal advice from Mike that’s based on over 22 years of business legal knowledge few other attorneys have. That’s a firm promise and commitment to you.

Fair enough?