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FTC shuts down Internet marketer

By January 26, 2011Website Lawyer

Web lawyer closed businessNo Web lawyer specializing in Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cases could have saved Daniel Greenberg of Classic Closeouts because of the misconduct involved. This Internet marketer has been put out of business by the FTC.

Because of deceptive billing practices, Greenberg has been banned from…

“any Internet-related business that handles consumers’ credit card or debit card accounts.  He also is prohibited from making unauthorized charges to consumers’ accounts, making false or misleading statements while selling any goods or services, and using any false or assumed name, including an unregistered, fictitious company name, in his business dealings.”

Facing a $2 million judgment, Greenberg is bankrupt and has to surrender some personal and household possessions as part of his settlement with the FTC. What’s intriguing here is that the settlement essentially circumvents the entity shield that would typically be in place for a limited liability company. If this was the best deal his Web lawyer could get him, Greenberg was obviously in a deep hole from a liability standpoint.

This is an example of why it’s very important to use accurate billing and have an easy to follow returns/refund policy that you honor in your Internet business.

To your online success!

-Mike the Web lawyer

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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