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Global Internet Tax: United Nations International Telecommunications Union Dimwit Proposal

united nations internet taxesThey can call it a “fee” but what the United Nations’ International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is really pushing for is a global Internet tax and the authority regulate cyber space by a bunch of bureaucratic moochers who have never earned a dime in the private sector.
It’s the typical assortment of malcontents spearheading this drive for an international Internet tax: kleptocrats and public sector bootlickers who haven’t contributed anything positive to humankind since long before the Industrial Revolution (if ever).
What do they have in common?
They resent the fact the Internet was invented in the United States and that they haven’t been able to convince the Post Turtle in the Oval Office to surrender control of the Internet to the United Nations.
It’s bad enough that the typical small business owner has to deal with a boatload of taxes and regulations online and offline imposed by the U.S. federal government, state governments, and municipalities. Throw into the mix a global Internet fee and related regulatory control by has-been or never-was countries with a seat at the table of a U.N.-sponsored international body, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for killing e-commerce.
Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter what the stated intent is of any organization. Look at its track record. The United Nations is a corrupt cesspool of anti-capitalist anti-American corrupt fools who shouldn’t be allowed control over anything. It’s a place where human rights representatives consist of nations that commit horrible atrocities on their own people and where “peacekeepers” have a history of raping African women and children.
There is no moral or economic incentive for these cretins to have any say whatsoever as to how the Internet should be run, let alone claiming nonexistent authority to tax ecommerce.
When the issue of a global Internet tax comes up in December, the United States should make it clear that the issue is a non-starter…now or in the future. If some Third World cesspool wants to tax Internet commerce, that country can do so at the national level rather than relying upon the United Nations to strong-arm the private sector on its behalf.
Unfortunately, the Post Turtle in Chief is hell bent on weakening U.S. national sovereignty and hurting any capitalism that doesn’t involve cronyism. An international Internet tax accomplishes both goals. Come December, he’s either the lamest of ducks after losing the November election or he’s been re-elected with four more years to act with impunity.
Under either scenario, it doesn’t bode well for opposition to a global Internet tax unless there’s continued bipartisan opposition in Congress and by the private sector. Keep up the political pressure to tell the United Nations and its International Telecommunications Union to pound sand.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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