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GoDaddy Outage: Dangers of Domain Name Registration and Hosting

By September 12, 2012Internet Lawyer

When website hosting at GoDaddy went out for six hours, site owners were ticked off. Whether caused by tech gremlins or hackers, there’s a bigger point that needs to be made for business website owners…
Never have your website hosted by the same company where your site’s domain name is registered.
If your site goes down for any reason (hacking, IT problems, copyright infringement claims, etc.), it’s a lot harder to go live again if your website’s domain name is registered with the same company that hosts your content. You’re at the mercy of one company that’s probably being swamped with client support calls if there’s a mass web hosting outage.
Instead, use separate companies to register your domains and host the content for the related sites. If your content goes down, you should be able to quickly point the domain name to new servers at an alternative host.
In other words, don’t put your domain name registrations and website hosting in one basket of risk.
As a final note, let me say that I generally like and have used GoDaddy as a registrar. Other than the GoDaddy’s dumb initial support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that it retracted, GoDaddy is a pretty decent company. But like its competing hosts and domain registrars, you should seriously consider picking them to do one thing for you and finding another company to handle the other.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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