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Google Analytics: Are you creating your competition by using this tool?

If you own a website, are you creating a bigger competitor by using Google Analytics?
Google is rapidly moving into different markets beyond its search engine mainstay.
For example, Google just bought Frommer’s travel brand. They’ve been gobbling up different niches (e.g. Zagat for restaurant ratings). The company has also invested in at least two legal-related websites. In other words, there’s a grab to capture multiple markets online.
What’s that mean to you?
If Google thinks your niche looks good, the company may become your competition.
Remember – It is called Google Analytics (not Your Analytics). In other words, all of that data is being mined by Google and can be used against you. In you’re using the tool, just remember it’s your intellectual property that is being mined and Google’s concept of “Don’t Be Evil” may be very different than what you have in mind.
If the reporting benefits outweigh the competition risks, use Google Analytics…but understand that there are risks.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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