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Google Plus Privacy Policy: What You Should Know

google plus privacy

Do you know your Google+ privacy rights?

Google Plus Privacy

Because I’m an Internet lawyer, I decided to test out the new Google Plus Privacy. You can click the link in the prior sentence to see my Google+ profile as an example.

After the company’s privacy fiasco with Buzz last year, the new Google+ goes out of its way to explain privacy rights.

Four Google Plus Privacy Policies

Actually, there are at least four Privacy Policies that cover Google Plus privacy…

1. Google’s main privacy policy

2. Google+ privacy policy

3. The Google +1 button privacy policy (this is similar to the Facebook “Like” button)

4. Google’s mobile privacy policy (for smart phones etc.)

Every one of these policies describes the type of information Google collects and how it is used by Google and others.

What You Should Know About Google Plus Privacy

My take is that Google+ is more user-friendly than Facebook, particularly the ability to sort your contacts by category into circles for communication purposes. Some of your information may be used by Google and its advertisers pursuant to the company’s privacy policies. It’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons. This means that if you’re trying to protect yourself online, be sure to understand Google Plus privacy policies before using Google+ (or other social media for that matter).

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