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Google, the FTC, 176 Idiots, and a Stupidity Tax

No one kicks a dead dog. As Google becomes more successful, the perpetual whiners in life try to drag it down through litigation and/or whining to the government. Over 100 million users and 176 of them filed FTC complaints during the first half of this year.
How did Google mistreat these poor souls? One woman didn’t like the search results when she typed in her name. Boo frelling hoo.

Another guy couldn’t figure out how to uninstall software he downloaded.


Bring on the ambulance chasers and litigation lotto.

I’m not a big defender of Google. There are some valid complaints against the company (including some posted at Google Watch).

But your tax dollars are being wasted while the government investigates claims like the ones described above. That’s ridiculous.

Here’s a suggestion. The FTC should require a $1,000 filing fee for every complaint. The fee will be refunded if the FTC finds merit to the complaint. If the FTC finds against the complainant, the fee will be kept as a ‘stupidity tax’ to discourage other mental midgets from doing the same thing.

It won’t cover the cost of the investigations…but it will give you the satisfaction of knowing that every crank with a grudge can’t spend your tax money hounding a private sector business with government regulators without having to pay at least something for doing so.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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