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Groupon Privacy Policy Modified

groupon privacy policy

Do you know your rights under the Groupon privacy policy?

What Groupon privacy policy changes were made?

The Groupon privacy policy was recently modified. The company sent an email to each of its 83 million subscribers describing a change in regard to this privacy policy.

Specifically, the new change explains that under the modified Groupon privacy policy, the company will begin collecting and making use of more of the privacy information accessible to it by its users. Though Groupon has always collected some information about its clients, the discount entertainment company will begin storing information such as the geographic location users visit, their interests, habits, relationship statuses, and financial information. Rather than simply thrusting this new change on its clients, Groupon felt its continued popularity required the company to send an email to all users, explaining the changes and describing the reasons for them.

Why was the Groupon privacy policy changed?

Groupon works by informing subscribers about coupons which they can then purchase for events, services, and recreation. Traditionally, Groupon informed subscribers about general deals, but with its new data collection plan, the company claims it will have the capacity to send each subscriber more specific information about the coupons most relevant to them. Groupon has dispelled concerns about privacy issues by claiming that users have the ability to both opt out of some of the new data collection methods, and that the data that Groupon does collect will only be used in a way beneficial to subscribers.

If a user does not want his or her smart phone transmitting location information to Groupon, the company claims that setting can easily be changed. If, on the other hand, an individual wants to opt out of some types of messages that Groupon and its business partners send out, that too can be arranged. Driven by a philosophy of consumer satisfaction, Groupon claims to be seeking to provide the best possible service to its subscribers, in the least intrusive way possible.

What does the Groupon privacy policy change mean for the future of the internet?

If the recently modified Groupon privacy policy modifications indicates anything, it is how easy it is for companies to gain information about individuals. Though this, in Groupon’s case perhaps, leads to a more effective service, privacy activists have legitimate concerns about just how much information these large companies will have about their clients and subscribers.

Concern exists especially in situations where companies, like Groupon, might be able to make use of and store information that individuals post about their friends and family members. Such information might be given without consent of the relevant individual. Privacy activists also make note of the fact that individuals might consent to sharing information with Groupon, but might feel uncomfortable if that information is then in turn shared by Groupon with other companies or with governments.

Of course, when dealing with any company online, you should take into account its privacy policies or lack thereof. If you don’t like the Groupon privacy policy modifications, there are competitors who have different policies.

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