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Gym Personal Trainer Contracts

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There are different types of gym personal trainer contracts. Make sure you’re using the right one(s) in your business so that you can avoid legal and tax problems.

If you own a gym and have personal trainers, they can either provide services as independent contractors or as employees. The contracts are different depending on which status they have.

And don’t disguise a real employee as an independent contractor. That can come back to haunt you in lawsuits, back taxes, and penalties.

If personal training services are provided on an independent contractor basis, there should be two types of services agreements in place:

(1) the agreement between the gym and the trainer; and

(2) the contract between the trainer and gym member who is being trained.

On the other hand, if the personal trainer is a gym employee, the training services are typically covered in the gym’s membership agreement. If so, there’s no need for a separate services agreement between trainer and member.

Regardless of which personal training contracts are needed, you’ll also want to have liability waivers and media releases signed too.

Whether you’re a gym owner or a personal trainer, if you need help putting the right legal protections in place, it’s time for you to set up a phone consultation with Business Lawyer Mike Young.

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