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Hollywood Attacks Web Video Pirates

Copying RIAA’s tactics in the music industry, the MPAA has filed a lawsuit to stop online video piracy. Like RIAA, the MPAA is doomed to fail. Copyright laws are old, obsolete, and can’t keep pace with modern technology.

However, be sure to protect your business and your personal assets by not putting yourself in a position to be accused of copyright infringement. The penalties are heavy if you’re one of the few who do get caught and made an example of to deter others.

In a related story, Media Rights Technologies is asking Congress to go after Microsoft and Apple for allegedly aiding and abetting online piracy. What a waste of time and effort.

The government goes after individuals for this…not multinational corporations. Here’s an example. A British citizen was extradited to the United States from his home in Australia to face piracy charges. He pled guilty and will serve 51 months in a federal prison.

AT&T just announced that it will be filtering pirated content on its networks. Here’s the problem with that. What happens when you deliver something over AT&T’s network that is perfectly legal but the company disagrees? Branded a pirate. How do you prove your innocence? Look for this to be a logistical nightmare.

Mike Young, Esq.

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