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How To License Your Digital Info Products For Extra Income

info product licensingIf you have an ebook, online course, or other information product to sell, it’s often more profitable to license the products for resale than it is to have an affiliate product where you pay others a commission on each sale made via their affiliate links.

What Is An Info Product License?

To be clear, a license is granting someone permission to do something.

The question you must ask yourself is…

“What type of permissions do I want to give the wholesaler who buys a license to resell my info product?”

The simplest would be a resale license with no extra rights.

Resale License Options

Of course, the price of your license can increase with the more rights you give.

For example, you may grant “master resale rights.” This typically would allow your wholesale licensee to both sell your info product to retail customers as end users but also to sell resale rights to new resellers.

Another option to consider is “private label” a.k.a. “white label” rights. In most instances, this would permit your licensee to retitle/rebrand your product (and even put a new author on it) before selling to others.

And these rights can be combined. For example, you could charge a higher price for someone who wanted to buy private label master resale rights.

Of course, one of the down sides to selling more rights is that you lose control of the product being sold by these licensees, particularly when a master resale licensee is selling resale licenses to others, who in turn sell the product to end users.

Pricing Your Info Product Licenses

Regardless of which permissions you decide to want to sell, you also need to consider pricing and how it’s structured so that you can get paid what you’re owed under each licensing deal.

How To Get Licensing Help

An experienced online business lawyer can help walk you through the options and set up a plan for generating extra income by resale licensing your info products. If you want help from Internet Business Lawyer Mike Young with your information product licensing, whether it’s resale or end user license agreements (EULAs), the first step is to set up a phone consultation with him.

Mike Young, Esq.

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